how we work


None of our efforts would be worthwhile if they weren´t aimed at achieving this goal -- a goal we have been working towards from the very beginning.

We create value from people. Because our clients deserve to have qualified interlocutors who understand their business and can provide them with valid answers.

We create value from creativity. With new designs for common use products. And as well with new products for new consumers.

We create value from logistics. Bluechip manufactures more than 20 million products and transports more than 1000 containers every year. We boast a well-prepared logistics infrastructure, assisted by the industry´s largest companies.

We create value from our prices. Your budget must be profitable and we make that one of our priorities. We measure the productivity of our factories and constantly revise our prices to offer you the best conditions.

We are able to do this thanks to our work culture which ensures optimum responsiveness to your requirements and maximises your budget profitability.